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Super Visa insurance came into effect in 2011 and has become popular among landed immigrants and Canadian citizens.Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for Super Visa which is valid for up to 10 years. It allows them to stay in Canada for 2 years on a single entry without the need of renewal of their status. This offers a long-term visitor status in Canada. Now, one of the criteria to obtain a Parent or Grandparent Super Visa is to have valid insurance. An applicant should provide a proof stating that they have super visa insurance from a Canadian insurance company and is valid for minimum one year. This insurance should cover at least:

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Things to remember at the time of getting the quote for super-visa insurance

  • The medical insurance is one of the foremost requirements.
  • The coverage must be of 100,000 or more.
  • The minimum policy coverage period must be of 365 days.
  • The date of arrival of parents or grandparents will be considered the first day of their one-year medical insurance coverage.
  • It is the duty/responsibility of the insured to keep the insurance company abreast of any changes in arrival date.
  • If the parents/grandparents make their mind to leave Canada before the expiry of the policy, they can do so and would be entitled to get a refund of the sum which has not been used.
  • The parents or grandparents with pre- existing medical condition such as hypertension, diabetes or any other medical condition may be eligible for medical insurance coverage provided the ailment or condition is stable and controlled. (Please see our pre-existing medical conditions section).
  • In case your parents/grandparents wish to extend their stay in Canada, they can do so for a maximum of another 12 months and they must buy a new policy eight days prior to the expiry of the old policy.

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