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As you know, Government Medicare does not cover many dental and vision care procedures, prescription drugs or extended health care costs. Families and individuals purchase supplementary or private health plans to cover the cost of having to pay a big unexpected expense or even the routine dental and vision care costs. Many find that it is easier to budget a monthly premium than plan for the annual dental and vision check-up costs and unexpected prescription or other medical costs. If you have a claim for covered medical or dental needs, it is paid for by the insurance company with a small deductible in most cases.

Supplementary health plans are not intended to just cover what your routine costs are, but it is to protect you against the larger unforeseen costs that can come up in the future. Since most of us do not know if or when we will need coverage for an unexpected problem, many individuals purchase supplementary health plans to move the risk of having to pay a big unexpected expense to the insurance company.

If you have any business income, we can show you how you can pay your premiums and deduct them from your income. This can result in significant savings depending on your source of income and amount of expenses.

Benefits Offered Through Most Insurance Companies

  • Dental
    • Basic Care
    • Preventative Care
  • Vision
    • Eye Glasses/Contacts
    • Eye Exams
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Equipment
  • Health Professionals
    • Specialists
    • Therapists
  • Travel Insurance
  • Private Hospital Rooms
  • Ambulance Service

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